Weighted Therapy Blankets - MEDIUM -- up to 9 pounds


Custom made to each individual! Prices start at $75.00 and go to $105.00.

You may select your fabrics to meet your needs!

All of my blankets are custom made at the time of payment, which allows the family to select the color and type of fabric. Please choose your favorite character or print for the top and select from several available colors of dot minky for the backing. I suggest to my parents that they go to JoAnns.com with their child and select 3 fabrics of their choice and text me screen shots or item numbers for their top 3 selections. All of my kiddos that have a say in their blanket construction are more than likely to be super receptive when they arrive! If you don't have time to choose fabric, then please let me know favorite color and print type.

***For children who have asthma or other respiratory issues, please let me know before I start your blanket and I will custom weight it so that there is less on the chest area and more  directed toward the lower torso and legs.***

I have also designed each blanket so that it can be altered by adding additional space for more weight as your child grows.

Finally, each blanket is infused with Organic Lavender Essential oil before it is shipped.

Item is Machine washable, cold delicate cycle and lay flat to dry.