Blackberry Pie Candle


Hand poured 5 wick double shelled (free standing) Blackberry Pie Candle.

Each piece is blended and poured in 3 dimensional molds. There is 4 different waxes blended to make the shells, fruit pieces and gel. Each wax blend is scented, ie. pie crust smells like fresh baked crust, the fruits are triple scented,and the gel is scented as well.

Since this is a double shelled pie, it is free standing and can be placed on a heat proof plate or pie tin to be burned. If you do not want to burn this little masterpiece, you can order without wicks, and I will include a 1 fluid ounce bottle of scented oil to refresh at NO additional charge.

Wives love these because they are ZERO calorie and Husbands hate them because they can NOT eat them. :) Sorry Fellas!